Most newly developed portable baggage scanner incorporate recently introduced detection methods of tracking and scanning and in some cases the x-ray screening process is performed on all detected moving objects in spite of x-ray screening system occlusion and certain camera angles. At the same time, comprehensive x-ray screening system tracking takes place and would make identity recognition more accurate even when different objects have close proximity in terms of switch identities. In the case of previous x-ray screening system models, it might be difficult to achieve this desirable result in many x ray baggage scanner manufacturers demonstration sequences since the final stage of scanning and screening is largely determined by whether an alarm is necessary because when we talk about a deterministic system, x-ray screening system tends to set an alarm if particular criteria can be meet in numbers.

What is more, since only a few reports employ a screening system framework for image and event modeling, when the screening data exceed a certain threshold, the x ray baggage scanner system would alarms its users in an automatic manner. Therefore, we may say that this approach offers x-ray screening system users more flexibility to set screening standard thresholds and is beneficial to improve the system sensitivity on the basis of a better understanding of what is happening in the monitored area. As a matter of fact, according to a statement from newly developed X-ray security Inspection equipment developers, they simply could not conceive of a reason why security agencies do not choose their products since they never failed a single test since they are released about three years ago. And in the future, it is estimated that newly developed x-ray screening system would focus even more on make the latent image reactivation faster and more reliable.

Imagine a case of x-ray screening system assault in which a scenario of a theft of data is acted out in professional means, just like the kind of digital walkthrough metal detector theft that some people engage in the field of industry. With the help of a newly developed x-ray screening system kit that the regional x-ray baggage inspection system developers are generous enough to make available to us, a variety of items, both normal and illegal, are either covered with graphite powder or secured with adhesive film. Then, these items are placed in the x-ray screening system as well as the specially made scanner to have a scanning picture of the surface. As it turns out, the success rate with this newly developed x-ray screening system developers approach marked by a comparable security behavior is very high, regardless of whether the system is in its normal mode or alarm mode.

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